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Birdie Shot Enjoy & Earn

Feel free to enjoy the golf in the palm of your hand at any time!
Meet and play fiercely with masters from all over the world!

Technical Issue

*BIRDIE SHOT is not available in some countries(China, Korea, Singapore, etc.).


  • Prize Pool of $720,000 in tBORA Total of 2,400,000 tBORA
    • Rewards
    • 1st BORA CupPrize Pool of 300,000 tBORA
    • 2nd BORA CupPrize Pool of 600,000 tBORA
    • Final BORA CupPrize Pool of 1,500,000 tBORA
    • Rules
    • BORA Cup is a 1:1 PVP mode.
    • You can participate up to 15 times per day. (Participation count resets at 0:00 UTC+0)
    • BORA Cup is open for 1 hour at a time, with 3-hour intervals (in total, 6 hours a day).
  • What is tBORA? The tBORA token is a 1:1 exchangeable token with the BORA token.
  • 1 tBORA=0.3USD, as of September 15th 09:00(UTC +0)

What's BIRDIE token?

BIRDIE Tokens are utility tokens in BIRDIE SHOT.
You can convert the game’s main currency ‘GOLD’,
which can be acquired in the game, into BORA Tokens.
It is possible to exchange BIRDIE Tokens with BORA
Tokens on the BORA Portal DEX.


How to get BIRDIE token

  • TIP 1. Extreme Mode Rewards

    Acquire Gold as a reward according to the ranking through real-time matches with 4 players

  • TIP 2. Screen Practice Room Mode Rewards

    Train the character you have for a certain amount of time to get GOLD as a reward

NFT Character

Get your unique BIRDIESHOT character NFT!


Get your BIRDIESHOT CC membership NFT and
collect rewards
as players from all over the
world round on that CC!

    Apeach's favorite CC.
    It is a golf course with the theme of spring in the Hakone region of Japan, spread around a large lake.

    Neo And Prodo's favorite CC.
    It is a golf course with the theme of spring in the London region of UK, inside a city park.

    Tube and Muzi's favorite CC.
    It is a golf course with a beach and tropical trees in the background with the theme of midsummer in Hawaii, USA.

    Neo's favorite CC.
    It is a golf course with the theme of Cappadocia region of Turkey, where the scent of early autumn is oozing.

CC Membership NFT PERKS

A portion of the green fee for matches that occur in extreme mode is continuously paid.
This is paid in game currency, GOLD, and the GOLD can be converted into BIRDIE Tokens in DEX.
Special benefits and rewards are provided exclusively for CC membership NFT holders.
*All benefits are paid at the ‘time of game release’, and details including the amount of payment will be revealed later.

  • At the time of BIRDIE SHOT launch, the above 4 CCs will appear at random in Extreme mode, and other CCs
    will be opened later.
  • Extreme mode’s payout depends on (1) the number of participants in the game, and (2) the number of balls
    consumed when participating in the game. The type of CC has no influence on the payout.
  • The benefits of CC membership NFT are paid in proportion to the number of NFTs held.
  • The benefits of CC membership NFT can be provided only after completing BIRDIE SHOT sign-up process
    and connecting a wallet.

Road Map

  • Phase 1

    - BirdieShot official website & community channel open
    - Character NFT Minting
    - AMA live
    - CC membership NFT Minting
    - Pre-Registration Event

  • Phase 2

    - BirdieShot global launching
    - DEX (BID ↔ BORA)
    - Near-Pin Mode open

  • Phase 3

    - Championship Mode Open
    - Add new characters
    - Add In-Game character NFT Minting function

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